Week 11: Critical Thinking About Social Media

Beyond describing and documenting a range of tools and techniques, this week we want to explore – what are the implications do our new technologies, communication techniques and emergent social habits? What are the implications of social media? For you? Your music related career? The music industry as a whole? For wider society?

To warm up, we’re going to look at a couple of videos featuring Sherry Turkle. The first discusses the relationship between technology and identity, and the more recent video has her discussing limitations to hyperconnectivity… albeit on the Colbert Report, laugh track included.

And 3 related tasks this week via Ed.

Within those tasks, a challenge to think about what happens to our complex identities, when we are online. What do these words mean for us in an online context: Authenticity? Privacy? Anonymity? Authentication? Fake identities? Stolen identities? Trust? Online reputations? Social capital? Although set in 2005, this conference presentation serves as a useful overview to some of the issues surrounding online identity.


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