Week 12: It’s A Wrap!

Thanks to everyone for engaging this semester – look forward to seeing your projects.

Submission Details ( DUE BY 5pm, Friday June 3rd ( end of week 13))

Send in an email with –

– Full name and student number
– 1 x URL for your Final Project
– 1 x URL for your blog
– 1 x URL for your delicious account

See the bottom of the course guide for RMIT policy on copyright, plagiarism, late submissions, penalties etc.


Technical checklist for your blog (also includes useful tips about using links effectively within your writing).

Questions to ask about your blog posts?

Could this post have been written on a phone by a 13 year old on a tram?
( No? Great, move to the next question.. )

What useful points are you making, or what ideas are you exploring, that might be of use to anyone in the course, or in the music industry, or in general?

Are you merely describing something (‘This exists. Here is a link’), or adding any useful analysis, any critique relevant to the course? ((‘This link intrigues for these reasons. As mentioned elsewhere (link), there are many problems with … and site X solves this nicely in these ways. It also brings new problems though (other links) and I think…. etc )). Writing doesn’t have to be academically formal within a blog post, but effective writing still requires some attempt to provide insight / meaning / value to the reader. What value does your post provide?

Have you added any *relevant* links, supporting any of the points made? Have you explained why and how the link is relevant or of interest?

If presenting any interesting examples of media or artists, companies etc – have you explained what opportunities and/or challenges are represented by these examples, or represented by the way they have been developed, produced or distributed?

In general – have you asked yourself – what are the implications ( or opportunities / challenges / risks ) of the topic you are writing about –  for a musician’s research / collaboration / production / feedback / distribution? What are any implications for the music industry as a whole?

Ideas for blog posts?

Have you written any posts about ideas brought up by other students on their blogs?

If so, have you included specific links to their original posts, and outlined any meaningful points / addition thoughts that you get from reading them?

As well as outlining those responses, have you included any relevant research or examples that back up your points? (( The goal here, is to provide interesting feedback, and to explore their points (or some aspect of them) in more detail and nuance.))

Have you written meaningfully about any of the networks you are involved with? Expand your knowledge about some aspect of Soundcloud, Vimeo or Flickr, and explore it in fine detail. Succinctly describe, provide example links, and move quickly to the juicy bits – what does this mean? What are the implications? What insight does this offer us about the music industry today and tomorrow?

Have you been involved in any interesting interactions within your wider online networks? Describe and document these, and tease out the implications.

What gaps exist in your online knowledge? Do a last burst of research, dive in and explore, document your findings and explain their significance in the online ecosystem. What unique opportunities does this provide?


“The kind of motion picture I am interested in will be like creating the modern LP record. It will be mixed into ways of thinking rather than cut linearly” – FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA ( Academy award winning director of Godfather, Apocalypse Now etc ). And now we have the likes of starwarsuncut and sample based live cinema.

What are your speculations about the future of music? What are some examples or stepping stones towards that?


What inspires you outside the music industry? Does it provide any interesting lessons, parallels or differences to the music industry that could be fruitfully written about?


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